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If you have any of these “symptoms” listed below, then you likely need at least a little help with the organization either in your home, personal life or business. The more problems or challenges you are experiencing the more you need to GET ORGANIZED!

How Many of the following Organizational Challenges are true for you?

Tangible Results of Disorganization

  1. Do you miss appointments from time to time?
  2. Are you often or always late?
  3. Do you pay bills late or can’t find bills you need to pay?
  4. Do you find yourself having to pay for extra storage because you can’t find any place to put things?
  5. Do you buy duplicate items because you can’t find the ones you already have? (Like 5 or 15 can openers?)
  6. Are you regularly unable to find things when you need them?
  7. Is your personal life, home life or business life chaotic?
  8. Do you have problems focusing and getting things completed?

Lack of Knowledge or Insight as a Source of Disorganization

  1. Do you think you don’t know how to be organized because you were never taught?
  2. Are you uncertain of where or how to get started with your organizing efforts?
  3. Do you lack the knowledge of the different types of “organizing strategies” that are available?
  4. Are you uncertain which organizing systems can help you?

The Intangible Results (Feelings) of Being Disorganized

  1. Are you S T R E S S E D because of all the things you have to do but can’t find any way to get them done?
  2. Are you feeling Defeated because you can’t seem to get things done?
  3. Are you experiencing friction or increased tension with spouse/significant other, friends or other family members due to overwhelm from not getting things done?
  4. Do you feel embarrassed because of the clutter or disorganization in your life?
  5. Do you feel you can’t have company over because of the “mess” that is always in your home?
  6. Are you belittled by your spouse because you can keep things organized?
  7. Are you unclear about what an organizational system is or aren’t sure if you have any organizing systems in place?
  8. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your personal life, home life or business?
  9. Do you feel ashamed because you can’t keep it all together or keep your business or life organized?
  10. Do you feel “out of control” when it comes to keeping things manageable?
  11. Does the clutter or lack of organization make you feel “Crazy”?
  12. Are you frustrated with your efforts to organize your life or your business?
  13. Do you feel you’re “not good enough” because of the clutter or disorganization in your life?
  14. Do you feel “stupid” because you think you should have things under better control or better organized?
  15. Do you feel “Incompetent” because you think you should have things under better control or better organized?
  16. Are you hiding a deep, dark secret about your “messes” or “clutter” or “disorganization”?
  17. Do you feel you can’t really relax because of the disorganization that surrounds you and your life?
  18. Are you feeling “Overloaded” because of all you have to get done?
  19. Do you feel like you have a lifetime membership to the “Rat Race”
  20. Are you feeling stifled, being choked, or like you can’t breathe because of everything on your plate?
  21. Do you feel as though there is “not enough time” to get everything done you need to get done?
  22. Are you “Panicked” by how much you have to “do” in your life?
  23. Do you feel you have “Too much stuff”?
  24. Do you think that there is no help or that “No one else will help”?
  25. Are you Frantic in your approach to the organization?
  26. Are you feeling so disorganized that you literally “Want to scream!”?
  27. Do you experience a sense of Hopeless around the clutter or disorganization in your life or business?
  28. Do you feel Inundated with a mountain of to-dos?
  29. Are you ready to just “give up”?
  30. Are you “Fed up” with the seemingly endless tasks and unfinished business that just never gets done?
  31. Are you Agonizing over everything that needs to get done but never seems to get finished?
  32. Are you in a constant state of Anxiety over your unfinished tasks or your clutter?
  33. Do you long to experience the “peace of mind” that others seem to have from getting things done?

1 – 3

That you can identify with you can probably manage things on your own depending on severity.

3 – 6

That you can identify with, we should probably chat to get an idea of your needs and look at some simple solutions to help you.

6 or more

We seriously need to talk! You are in serious overload and need to get things organized for your mental peace of mind as well as your health and well-being.

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