How It Works

Organizing Support for Your Home and Business

These policies have been established to ensure Judy Ozment Organizing Services operates effectively and with ease.
The right is reserved to update and amend this information periodically at Judy Ozment Organizing Services’ sole discretion.

Your Investment

  • In order for you to get the most from your investment of time and money, it is very important that you keep your appointments.  Each session builds on the sessions before it.
  • Any changes to an appointment must be done by phone, texts are accepted but emails are not.
  • If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, a 48 hours’ notice from the time of the appointment is required. If you cancel an appointment with less notice, you will be charged for the session. Under certain circumstances, at Judy Ozment Organizing Services’ discretion, the fee may be waived.
  • You will be given assignments to complete in between sessions. What you do or don’t do will have a profound effect on your progress.  Your success is largely up to you, so please do your homework!
  • Give yourself proper time.  Getting organized is a process; not an event.  Just like establishing any other routine, time is necessary to allow progress. Remember, your clutter did not appear overnight so it will not go away overnight.
  • Your session starts as soon as Judy Ozment Organizing Services arrive at your home or business and stops when Judy Ozment Organizing Services leaves.
  • Each session will conclude about 15 minutes prior to the ending time, to allow time for payment, if needed and for scheduling the next session.
  • For phone coaching, the session starts once we say hello and ends when we hang up.

Payment for Services

  • Sessions are booked at a 3-hour minimum.
  • 50% of payment is due at the time of scheduling your first session and the balance is due at the first organizing session.
  • If the hours of a session exceed the pre-paid hours that are part of a package, they’ll be billed at $50.00 an hour, in 15-minute increments, payable at the end of that session, unless another package is purchased.
  • Phone work is payable in advance of the work commencing; if a monthly payment plan for phone coaching is arranged, your credit card will be charged when the first coaching appointment is scheduled, then on the same day of the month for subsequent months.
  • Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. Hours purchased must be utilized within the allotted time, depending upon which package you purchased.
  • Payment may be made by check (payable to Judy Ozment LLC), money order or cash.
  • The following credit cards are also accepted:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • There will be a $35 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds, as well as an additional collection of any overdraft charges.
  • You are responsible for paying for agreed-upon supplies necessary for the completion of the project.
  • Prices include travel of up to one hour each way based upon Google Maps. If you live farther than one hour from Judy Ozment Organizing Services’ office located in East Bethel, Minnesota, you’ll be charged a rate of $50.00, in 15-minute increments, for any travel time beyond an hour each way.


  • You are required to be present at the organizing session and to assist with projects. Since it is important for you to be able to focus on the session, you are expected to make arrangements for childcare, pets, handling incoming phone calls, and redirecting visitors so that sessions are not interrupted.  If you decide to be interrupted, the clock does not stop. Once we have worked together for a period of time we can discuss you not being present during the session(s).
  • All final decisions are to be made by you.  Nothing will be removed without your approval.  You are responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the discarding or destroying of any records or personal effects.
  • No smoking is permitted while working.
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services has a vested interest in making sure you are completely satisfied at the end of our time together. Judy Ozment Now Organizing Services wants you to be so happy with the results that you can’t wait to tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the valuable service you received!
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services will continue to serve you after your organizing projects are done.  You will receive valuable information each month and will also receive phone calls from time to time just to check in and see if you need anything.
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services is a Professional Organizing Company and does not offer legal or financial advice.  If you have any doubts or questions please refer to your Attorney or Accountant.

Code of Ethics

Judy Ozment Organizing Services:

  • Will ask for your permission before using any proprietary information for any purpose.
  • Will operate with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, ethics, and accuracy.
  • Will does not participate in any activity which is illegal, or in any way deemed detrimental to its business name, service, product, or opportunity.
  • Is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and will adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics.

Inclement Weather

Safety always comes first!

  • Since Judy Ozment Organizing Services travels a large geographic area, which includes a high percentage of rural areas, weather can vary greatly from each location.
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services along with input from the client will monitor weather conditions including the warnings and watches issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis using common sense and taking into account the timing of the storm and the safety and practicality of the situation.
  • Examples of weather emergencies are, but not limited to Blizzard warnings, Snowstorms, Flood warnings or flooding that affects travel, Hard rain, Power outages/lines down, Severe thunderstorms and lightning, Tornado watches/warnings.
  • When an emergency such as these examples occurs, Judy Ozment Organizing Services may close.
  • Judy Ozment Organizing Services will be closed and sessions will be rescheduled if a weather emergency at a state, county or city level, including the client’s location, has been declared and people have been asked to stay off the roads.
  • If an emergency event such as inclement weather or a power outage occurs during a session, Judy Ozment Organizing Services will determine if the session should stop so safe travel can be completed.

Your Organizing Solutions

Professional Organizing help is here! Judy Ozment can absolutely help you turn your chaos and
clutter into a streamlined process that will allow you to get more done and give you more time to enjoy your life. I help you make more room in your life for everything that matters… including your success.