Personal & Residential Organizing

You will be happier and less stressed

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re frequently late paying important bills because they get lost in the junk mail pile.
  • Your closets, your drawers, your kitchen cabinets, and your basement are all overflowing.
  • You couldn’t find the manual for your microwave—or last year’s tax returns —if your life depended on it.
  • You don’t entertain at home anymore because you’d have to clean up the clutter—and you don’t know where to start.

Relax. Judy Ozment Can Help You Get Organized!

I will help you make more room in your life for
everything that matters…including your success.

 Call today for an initial No-Cost 30 Minute Phone Consultation.

The Secret is In the Organizing System That Will Work Best For You

Over the years, I’ve found that many people have no real home organizing system for handling their mail, arranging their kitchens, or just about anything else.  As the tasks and pressures mount, you will likely never get around to creating one.

After helping you sort through and determine unwanted items, I’ll help you develop systems to house the things you are keeping. Working with you, I’ll structure the whole process and make it as fast, and (relatively) as painless as possible.  If getting organized means you need a filing cabinet, a pot rack or a closet system, I can either recommend one—or assist you in purchasing it.

Residential Organizing Services Include, but not limited to:


Developing a system for handling bills, junk mail, and e-mail.

Clearing out and organizing home offices, closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, basements, garages and more.

Helping you decide what to keep and what to sell, donate, recycle or trash.

Creating a home filing system, not only for financial documents but also for things such as instruction manuals and receipts.

Organizing files on the home computer, including setting up accounts, passwords, and environments for multiple users.


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