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Organizing Support for Your Home and Business

The information below will help you reduce the amount of junk mail and unwanted telemarketing phone calls that come into your home.

Remove your name from

mailing lists

To receive less commercial advertising mail, you can register for The DMA’s Mail Preference Service (MPS), which allows you to “opt out” of national mailing lists. Follow this link or click on a button below http://www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offmailinglist/.

Remove your name from

telemarketing lists

Telemarketers and their service providers must honor the requests of consumers who have placed their telephone numbers on the Federal Trade Commission’s national Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry. http://www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offtelephone/

Remove your name from

credit offer agencies

The national credit bureaus offer a toll-free number that enables consumers to opt-out of all pre-approved credit offers and other un-useful information with just one phone call. You can call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) for more information.

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