Today is my birthday!


April’s birthstone is the diamond, so I was born to sparkle!

I don’t consider myself a sparkly person. The main color in my closet is black. Sure, I like nice things, but I don’t consider myself a girly girl.

I do try to keep a positive, upbeat attitude. Even when I don’t feel like it. However, I have to say as I get older my patience is not what it used to be!

We are living during a strange, crazy time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a break. Be quick to forgive, life is short.

I wish every single one of you good health, safety, & patience. I hope you are finding moments of peace, please take the time to soak all of the good things in.

Maybe during these days of being quarantined, you are:

  • Spending more time with your loved ones.
  • Slowing your life down.
  • Having more home-cooked meals and family conversation at the table.
  • Perhaps you are able to work on some of those “when I have time” projects.
  • Paying attention to the little things; the little details.

Regardless of which month you were born in, I believe we are all meant to sparkle in our own way. Our life’s story or journey – all of the ups & downs, the heartache, the love, loss and pain, laughter, chances you took; that is what makes you, you. That is your story. That is what makes you come alive! That is what makes you sparkle.

Wishing all of you a sparkly day!


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