Home Management

Do you have days in your life where everything is so busy that your only wish is to have another you? Do you sometimes feel like you need an extra set of hands to help you manage your hectic life?

It doesn’t matter if you have a complicated schedule or if you want to dedicate spending your free time with your loved ones. You just know that there must be a better way to look after the day to day needs of making sure all your home responsibilities have been taken care of. A lot of these to-do’s take a lot of time – your valuable time that you could be spending in other ways that are more important to you!

I will help you make more room in your life for
everything that matters…including your success.

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Home Management Services that I offer:

• Errands – I can pick up your dry cleaning and prescriptions, go to the post office, grocery store and more.
• Scheduling & supervising home maintenance and repair work such as lawn services, cleaning services, pool service, etc.
• Set other vendor appointments such as deliveries & installation.
• Wait service for in-home maintenance – There is no need for you to wait around for deliveries, contractors and more when I can do it for you.
• Stock the kitchen – I can keep groceries, household items, and other needed supplies stocked based upon your list and budget.
• Take out garbage & recycling bins
• Gift wrapping services – birthdays, weddings, holidays or just because
• Calendar & appointment management
• Personal email management
• Assist in decorating your home for various holidays
• Bring in and sort through the mail and deliveries
• If you are moving, I am able to oversee the process of downsizing, what to keep and what to let go of, packing and/or unpacking as well as set up new service providers and deactivate the old accounts.
• Assist with a second home. Perhaps you have a vacation home up north on one of our many beautiful lakes. The last thing you want to do when you arrive is the prep work, running errands, maintenance, and more. Wouldn’t you prefer to relax and have fun on your well-deserved, valuable vacation? I am also available to assist with opening and closing your home for the season.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact me to discuss the handling of a special project or if you have specific needs & requirements.

As your Home Manager, I can assure you that your home will operate smoothly. I am discreet, organized, responsible & highly efficient. You can trust me to do the right thing. I will treat your home like I would my own.


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