Small Business Organizing

Better Organization = Better Efficiency = Better Profits

Judy Ozment loves small business and offers organizational services that are designed
to give you more time to pursue those high-payoff, revenue-generating activities.

Being Organized = Success…

No two small businesses are alike and because of that, my approach is very hands-on and personalized.

First, I do what it takes to get you organized so you can think clearly and work on your business… not be buried by it.

Then, I help you design systems and put in place practices that can help you stay organized, on track and successful.

I know small business because I am a small business too. You’ll feel comfortable working with me.  Moreover, if you’re like many of my small business clients, you may decide that there are certain tasks you want me to handle on an ongoing or recurring basis, which I am happy to do.

So call today and see how much more money I can help you make and save.

I will help you make more room in your life for
everything that matters…including your success.

 Call today for an initial No-Cost 30 Minute Phone Consultation.

Small business organizing services include, but not limited to:

  • Time and priority management instruction.
  • Space management – planning and implementing a workspace that helps you stay organized.
  • Developing filing and follow-up systems for effective home office organization.
  • Identifying and solving information flow issues, including where systems (and sometimes people) do not talk to each other.
  • Maximizing your resources – showing you the best ways to use everything from software to outside resources, or employees to enhance your productivity.
  • Training your staff to support you properly.
  • Making it easy and logical to find documents and data on your computer.
  • Budget management – how to put both your organizing budget and your general budget to best use.
  • Maintenance services – everything from periodic re-organization to bookkeeping and budgeting, on an as-needed basis.


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