Simplify Your Life Week – Day Six

by Judy Ozment on August 6, 2012

Clutter cutting questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I love it?
    • If not, why are you hanging onto something that you don’t even like?  Let it go!
  • Do I need to keep it?
    • Think tax returns
  • When was the last time I used this?
    • If you have not used something within the last twelve months, chances are you don’t need to keep it in your home.
    • There are a few exceptions to this:  seasonal items, formal wear, big serving pieces i.e.: punch bowl.
  • What do I want this room to look like, how do I want to use it?
    • Do you want to have a meal with your family at your dining table?
    • Do you want a more restful night sleeping in your bedroom?
    • Do you want a functioning office?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen if I got rid of this?
    • Can you find it somewhere else?  Bank statements, utility bills and the like are available on-line.
  • Does it have a home?
    • Remember “A place for everything and everything in its place”.  Everything you have must have a designated home.
    • Are you willing to let something else go in order to make room for it?
    • Remember, you only have so much space.

Please be brutally honest with yourself.  Letting go is very liberating.


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