Does your group need to be motivated, inspired & guided to become more organized?

All Together Now presentations are a cost-effective way to bring Judy’s organizing expertise to your sales team, women’s group, church group, chamber of commerce, civic cause, large group, non-profit, or small business.

Judy will guide attendees on how to do it themselves with tips, resources and takeaways that will help get everyone moving in the right direction.  She will also motivate & inspire the audience so they leave with an attitude for accomplishment.

Choose a presentation that makes sense for your group or contact Judy to discuss a customized presentation to meet the audience’s needs.

  • Piles & Piles of Paper…Oh My!

This presentation will teach your group how to reduce & manage the papers that come into their lives.  How wonderful will it feel to be able to find the papers you are looking for when you need them? How wonderful will it feel to be able to see your desktop, counter tops, table tops and even your floors too! Learn quick & easy steps to cut through the stacks & piles in your life!

Presentations range from 30 minutes to an all-day workshop.  Fees will vary based upon multiple variables some being the length of the presentation, the size of the audience and the type and amount of materials that need to be distributed.

Please contact Judy for a quote and find out how All Together Now can make your whole group a lot more efficient.


At All Together Now, I will help you make more room in your life for everything that matters…including your success.

Call today for an initial No-Cost 30 Minute Phone Consultation that will get you on the road to a balanced and organized life.

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